The acts of reading, writing, talking and thinking about art are exciting to me. Among other things, as an art historian, my training has provided me with the means to communicate about art. As a working polymer artist, my experience affords me an additional body of knowledge with which to examine, consider and convey the story of polymer.

Terra Nova:  Polymer Art at the Crossroads accompanies the ground breaking exhibition, “Terra Nova:  Polymer Art at the Crossroads” mounted at the Racine Art Museum.  (Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin, October 21, 2011 – February 5, 2011.)   Carren wrote the section entitled,  “Forging a Unique Path:  The History of Polymer Art.”    RAM has established a permanent collection of polymer art as well as a polymer art study center.  The exhibition, “Terra Nova”, debuts their new collection.

The book Masters: Polymer Clay will present polymer art by approximately 40 artists. The collection, curated by Rachel Carren will bring together some of the best examples of early work in polymer, current art by well recognized artists, and an array of lesser known artists who are making their mark with the material. Seeking to highlight outstanding works of jewelry, as well as functional and figurative design, this extensive gallery of images will include examples many techniques including distinctive cane work, accomplished color harmonies, and diverse uses of mixed media. The artist’s approaches to making art are vastly different. Styles represented vary from organic interpretations of nature to emotional evocations of other experiences. Each artist will be featured individually with a brief essay by Carren followed by 8-12 images of their art work. In addition, Carren offers a short introduction about the totality of the collection. This volume will celebrate masterful artistic innovation and imagination in the ever expanding field of artists drawn to the creative capabilities of polymer.