About Polymer and Techniques
  • Polymer is a relatively new synthetic modeling compound. It is similar to acrylic paint but in a solid form. Polymer comes in a full spectrum of colors, but my color palettes are custom blends. Because of their mutual compatibility, polymer creates a permanent bond with the acrylic pigments I apply to its surface. It models like clay, drapes like cloth and fires at a low temperature into a strong and durable state.
  • Many of my specific techniques are related to those used for fabric. Using handmade silk screens and block imprints, I print long, thin sheets of color blended polymer with acrylic pigments. I also can create patterns with image transfers. Often several techniques are combined. Each swath of patterned polymer becomes unique unto itself. This ornamented expanse of polymer is then used alone or in conjunction with coordinated sheets to create individual pieces. My methods of construction often involve layering, folding and weaving which serve to enhance the textile-like effect.